Our Regions

Central Northeast

Meetings are usually the first Saturday of the month.

Contact: Heinrich Hole
Mobile: 386-848-6982
Email: heinrich.faba@gmail.com

North Northeast

Position is vacant! Please contact us if you’re interested in leading this region.


Meetings are usually the second Saturday of the month at bluntstown Settlement. 

Contact: John Pfund
Mobile: 850-528-3280
Email: johnwpfund@aol.com


Meetings are usually the third Saturday of the month. 

Contact: Peter Hill
Mobile: 651-635-6022
Email: blazeblades561@gmail.com


Meetings are usually the fourth Saturday of the month.

Contact: Tony Fenn
Mobile: 617-320-4781
Email: antony.fenn@gmail.com

Far West

Meetings are usually the fourth Saturday of the month, at Traditions Workshop in Fort Walton Beach.

Contact: David Sandlin
Mobile: 850-974-1548
Email: David@traditionsworkshop.com

Our Regional Coordinators

Heinrich Hole is a well-known figure to those in the Florida Blacksmith community. He is our NE (central) region coordinator and hosts our monthly meetings at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement and at other centrally located NE meetings. As the former Barberville Settlement Blacksmith, the settlement Blacksmith instructor, the coordinator of our class sessions for the annual conference and as someone always ready to lend a hand, Heinrich stays busy promoting the craft.

Heinrich Hole

Central Northeast Regional Coordinator

Do you have a knowledge of blacksmithing? Are you friendly and outgoing? (or not too surly and reasonably polite in public?) Looking for a fun and exciting way to meet new people? We have a job for you. No pay, heavy objects to move if you can’t find help, and a bit of organizing to do to set up meetings in NNE Florida –if that sounds good, please reach out to Mark, Lisa Anne, Doug or Heinrich and we may put you to work! Sanity optional.

Position Open

Northeast Regional Coordinator

Hi, I am in my seventh year as Regional coordinator. 60 years old. Retired welder. Wife is Suzy. Lived in Tallahassee since 1980. I’ve made lots of Anvils and forges and tongs, but I’ve stopped selling them, just using them for meetings and classes. I am not a knife maker! My biggest interest in Blacksmithing is developing a learning program based on the Blacksmith Challenge. Ask me about it!

John Pfund

Northwest Regional Coordinator

Hello All, this is Peter Hill and I got in to blacksmithing about 11 years ago. My passion is knives but I enjoy making lots of items and I love building. I am in West Palm Beach and am always happy to talk about knife-making. I was in the elevator trade for over 40 years, now I inspect them. Married to Carmen for 19 years. I was also a Runner up on Forged In Fire.

Peter Hill

Southeast Regional Coordinator

Tony is originally from Newcastle, England where his grandfather and uncles were coal miners. You could say he has ‘coal in his blood’. He has been an avid fisherman all his life. "One of my fondest memories was when I was 10 and went night fishing with my Dad Jim on a beach in England, with a roaring fire to keep warm and we pulled in huge fighting cod". Tony moved to Sarasota 8 years ago and began scuba diving and has done over 60 dives in the last few years, searching for shark’s teeth off Venice, FL and diving with reef and nurse sharks in the Bahamas.

Tony Fenn

Southwest Regional Coordinator

Hailing from Sweden, Christopher is the operations officer of Traditions Workshop, located in Fort Walton Beach. As a third generation blacksmith he first started swinging a hammer at the age of four. He has over twenty years of profession woodworking experience, and fifteen years of metalworking. Christopher is a history fanatic, and has made several historical weapons replicas, and is constantly expanding his metalworking skillset. This includes an entirely handmade chainmail suit, and venturing into coppersmithing.

Christopher Sandlin

Far West Regional Coordinator

Keeping the art of blacksmithing alive throughout Florida

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