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The board officer’s are elected at our annual meeting every two years (in theory), and the past president stay on the board for two years after his term. Trustees are also elected at the annual meeting, and serve two years as well. Regional Coordinators are appointed by the president, and serve as long as they desire, or are conscripted too.

The Officers

David Sandlin


Lisa Anne Conner

Vice President
Not only a fine craftsman & instructor, but she has also been active in the SCA for decades, enjoying the crafts & historical aspects. She stepped up to serve as our VP & even served as our conference chair for the infamous year of 2020. Rumor has it that she was doing some activity like bronco riding; suffered moderate head trauma leading to amnesia. Whatever the reason we are very glad to have her experience, wit & hard-work ethic back with us! (Note: this was compiled by investigators. The webmaster & treasurer deny all culpability & liability in the accuracy of these facts.)

Doug Hayes

I began smithing at a Boy Scout camp smithy when I stole time from my son’s Boy Scout merit badge counselor and hit my first hot iron that week. Did it again, and then moved to Florida and went to a FABA meeting at Barberville. I joined, took my first official class at the FABA conference and bought my first forge on Ebay. I enjoy teaching and with a friend held the only week-long program for Cub Scout for three years running. A decade after that first FABA meeting I now have my own shop and forge in St. Augustine, Iron Osprey Designs and Iron Osprey Forge.

Mark Stone

Past President
Although quite computer literate (he works in the CIS industry) Mark rarely participates in online social media and in this case, providing a snapshot of his life. Mark continued to steer the FABA ship in the brief moments he wasn’t working or trying to catch up on sleep and kept the rest of us focused on FABA. His comments in the Clinker Breaker reflect his dedication to the blacksmith craft and community and we know he is looking forward to getting back to swinging a hammer more regularly. He is a resident of Tallahassee and attends the NW regional meetings when life allows.

Tia Kitchen

Tia lives in Lake Worth, Florida and has been serving FABA as our tremendous secretary for years. She can found at our annual conference corralling and rounding up officers for various meetings and chores and has been a fixture at the check-in helping to keep things moving and getting folks checked in.

Jennifer Jhon

Hi, I'm Jennifer Jhon, your Clinker Breaker editor. I'm a professional writer/editor/designer and an amateur blacksmith/potter/crafter with dreams of someday being able to play with hot metal and mud full time.

Kirk Sullens

A grumpy, gruff and rough-around-the-edges kind of fellow, I came to FABA after years in the Blacksmith Association of Missouri, including a stint as president. In FABA I helped expand the annual conference. I have been heating, pounding and moving metal for over 3 decades, with a large part of that employed in the metalwork shop of Bass Pro headquarters in Missouri. I am in Mt. Dora and am always glad to answer questions. (Truth in advertising statement – Kirk did not submit a bio, so this was produced by his fellow board members!)

Erin Harlow

Program Chair
Erin Harlow has been a FABA member since joining in 2018 with her husband, Luke. They live in Union County on their 5-acre homestead with their 2 kids, dog, cat, chickens, rabbit, and koi fish. Erin works for the University of Florida's Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences in Columbia County as a horticulture extension agent. There she teaches workshops about gardening, landscaping, and insects. When she isn’t at work, she is gardening, kayaking, or being a Mom.

Jessica Sandlin


Regional Coordinators

Heinrich Hole

Central Northeast Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Position Open

North Northeast Regional Coordinator

John Pfund

Northwest Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Peter Hill

Southeast Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Antony Fenn

Southwest Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Christopher Sandlin

Far West Regional Coordinator
850-865-9596 [email protected]

Regional Trustees

Trez Cole


Bill Harris


Ron Childers


Steve Silvers


By Laws

Because even Blacksmiths have rules

Keeping the art of blacksmithing alive throughout Florida

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