Voting 2022

Elect your new board members!

We held an open call during the summer for anyone to apply for the open positions. Those who have chosen to run are listed below. Please select the names of the individual you’re voting for, and your vote is registered automatically. You can choose to not vote for a position by selecting no one. Winners will be announced at Conference. 

A Three Step Process to Vote!

First please tell us who you are.

Second vote for the positions (one vote per position).

Third confirm you're a member and a human!

If you are not a member or if you select more then one person for a position your vote will not be counted.


As per our bylaws voting will open August 15th at 12:00AM 

The winners will be announced at our annual conference November 4th-6th, and assume office on January 1st 2022. If you have any questions please contact

Attend the 2022 FABA Conference

November 4-6th

Keeping the art of blacksmithing alive throughout Florida

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