Blacksmithing & Metalworking organizations

Alabama Forge Council
Appalachian Blacksmiths Association
Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association of Georgia
British Blacksmith Association
The Guild of Metalsmiths, an ABANA chapter
Gulf Coast Blacksmith’s Association
Houston area blacksmiths, an ABANA chapter
Internationaler Fachverband Gestaltender Schmiede
IronNews: On-Line magazine:“..our mission is to be a premier
“full service” destination…about Wrought Iron”
Lousiana Metalsmiths Association
Knifemakers’ Guild Site
North Texas Blacksmith Association
Texas Artist Blacksmith Association
and if these get changed and/or for other organizations – you can try the
ABANA chapter site for updates.

Information and Plans

Copper Patinas, Vinegar/Hydrogen Peroxide
Aftermath from a Japanese Sword class – Fittings & Experiments
Knives-dot-com Web site
MetalCalc @ Ganoksin.Com – Calculate the length or weight of various precious metal products.
Metalworking Resource Guide – contributed by
David in Ms. Ward’s classroom from Delaware
Patinas:How to Apply Statuary and Patina Finishes General Information
SF Japanese Sword Society

Publishers & Book Sources

Astragal Press specializes in areas such as blacksmithing and metalworking along with professional crafts and early trades and tools.

Publications, Schools & Museums

Anvil Magazine
Blacksmiths’ Journal
John C Campbell Folk School
Pieh Tool Company, Inc. -Toll free: 888-743-4866 or 928-554-0700

Saugus Iron Works

Smith’s & Metalworker’s Sites

A N V I L F I R E . C O M
Steve Bloom’s Damascus knife site (IronFlower Forge)
Rebecca Childers Caleel, Sculptor
E-Line -discount knives and swords,etc. (Garett Finney, owner)
Don Fogg’s Site – great info on bladesmithing & sharp toys

* Fusionworks – sculpture and architectural elements *
Randy Guess’s knife site
Steve Kalb’s site Kalbironworks, organic metal art with a twist!

Michael Migala’s site (Jacksonville, Fl) – you might like to check out the work!
Didier Yvrard – Présence Forge (in French & Broadband recommended – but stylish!)
Chris Ray’s Ornamental Iron Work
Chris Ray – Contemporary wrought metal sculpture – forged iron, hammered copper, bronze
Jurustic Park — worth a look if you’re interested in metalic beasts
Custom Design Metal Arts – Bill Roberts, Ornamental Metalsmith(Ocala, FL) web site…Specializing in hand forged and cast works of Metal Art. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail. For discriminating tastes and opulent surroundings
Robert L. Vaughan
Blacksmithing Woodworking Heritage Consulting

Suppliers of Services, Tools & Materials

MISUMI USA – Mechanical components, nuts and bolts, fasteners, wiring components, gears, metals, resin, ceramics, and more.
Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Co. – Molding and Casting Products
Blacksmiths Depot – Kayne & Son
Bonny Doon Engineering
Cherokee Industries Inc. – Hands free welding helmets & supplies
Copper and Brass Sales, Inc. Web Site
European-style anvils – in the US
Fastener Supply Company – Tools, Eyelets, Grommets, Strap Hardware, rivets
Heat Treating
International Knife Directory – Knives, Knifemaker, Knife Retailer, Cutlery, Handmade Knives, Custom Knives, Blade
Kano Labs (great lubricants & metal protectants)
Jere Kirkpatrick’s Valley Forge & Welding – Fine Handmade Knives, Custom Knives, Hunting Knives, Pocket Knife, Bowie Knife, Automatic, Folders, Tactical, Knifes, Knive
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Welcome to MSC Industrial Supply Co.
Paint a smith offer
Pieh Tool Company, Inc. – they sell a variety of
blacksmithing tools, equipment, and books. 437 W. Hwy 260, #D Camp Verde, AZ 86322;
Toll free: 888-743-4866 or 928-554-0700

PhotoBrasive Systems
Chicago Pneumatic – Pneumatic Tools, Industrial Tools, and Construction Tools
Products Finishing – Paints, etc.
Reliance Foundry – Wheels
Rutland Plywood: High Quality Laminated Hardwood and Specialty Plywood
Roper Whitney – Punches
Rot Doctor-Wood Stabilizer
Sealants, coatings, resins
Shop Tools
Texas Knifemakers Supply
TIP Tools & Equipment, Inc.
TORCHMATE ECONOMICAL FLAME CUTTING MACHINES for Welding Shops, Street Rod Chassis Builders, Plasma Cutter and MIG Welder Operators

Machining and machine Tools

Collection of machining website bookmarks
Machining information