Order Coal

By popular demand, we’re putting together another FABA group purchase of good blacksmithing coal. This is the same coal we’ve had at the last couple conferences, sourced from Sidney Lee in Georgia. Comes in tidy 50 pound, sewn-shut bags.

Kirk is planning to pick up coal on his trip to the SBA Conference in Madison. It will be available for purchasers to pick up from his shop near Mount Dora (between Ocala & Orlando) on or after Tuesday May 23. Storage is limited, so please plan to have your coal picked up no later than Saturday June 10.

Pre-order price is $20 per 50 pound bag. Deadline for pre-orders is Sunday May 15.

IF we have extra coal, it will be for sale after May 23 for $25 per bag. No promises, though–so if you know you want it, pre-order. Click the button below to place your order via Paypal. Quantity can be increased in the shopping cart.

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