Past Events

As folks contribute photos and write-ups of meetings, conferences, etc., the
material will appear here. Follow the links to see what we’ve been doing.
These are pictures by Greg Cumbaa of the Gallery at the 2015 FABA Annual Conference.

2015 FABA Annual Conference
2013 October FABA Conference
2013 Jan 26th SW Meeting
2012 October FABA Conference

2011 SBA (Madison) Conference Gallery
2011 SBA (Madison) Conference Presentation to Vi Payton
FABA’s Annual (October) Conference 2009
Southeast Regional Conference 2009
Bok Tower pictures Feb.2009
Damascus Workshop 2009

Southeast Regional Conference 2005
Barberville Gate Dedication – 2004
SE April 23,2005 – making a skillet
FABA Conference 2004 – Jupiter,Fl
San Luis demonstration – 2004
Goat Days (Blountstown,Fl) – 2004

FABA Conference 2002 – Barberville,Fl
Anvil shooting (Oct 2000 Conference)
Irish smithy -Bunrratty Castle close to Shannon,Ireland
Rogues Gallery – our members